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3/16" Downcut End Mill - 1/4" Shank

3/16" Downcut End Mill - 1/4" Shank


This 3/16" downcut end mill is really hard to find!  Its cutting diameter provides more strength than a 1/8" bit while also allowing for smaller tool diameter and less waste than a 1/4". This unique tool will help you complete many different jobs.

This bit is made from high quality solid Japanese carbide and is DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated.


Shank Diameter - 0.250" (1/4")

Cut Diameter - 0.1875" (3/16")

Flute length - 1"

Total Length - 3"

Number of Flutes - 2


All HCT bits are designed for cutting wood, non-ferrous metal (aluminum/brass/soft metals), and synthetic/plastic-based materials like epoxy and sheet plastics. Bit performance varies with machine type, feeds/speeds set, and the stock material. 


Our CNC bits are made from solid Japanese carbide.

  • Materials

    Specifically designed for through-cuts in wood sheet goods including:

    • Dimensional lumber
    • Pine and Hardwood/Baltic birch plywoods
    • Other Sheet Goods