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CNC Inlay Bit Set

CNC Inlay Bit Set


The HCT CNC Inlay Bit Set!


This set was hand-picked by Vectric inlay expert Andy Johnson from Two Acre Woodworks!


Follow along with Andy as he demos inlay programming in Vectric, cutting, and finishing his perfect hardwood inlays using all HCT bits! Create inlays just like Andy!


All HCT bit sets are discounted 10% from individual price!


The CNC Inlay Set includes 4 bits:

  • 3/8" 4-Flute Upcut End Mill - Surfacing and Handle Cuts
  • 1/4" 4-Flute Upcut End Mill - Bulk Clearance
  • 1/8" 2-Flute Upcut End Mill - Fine Clearance
  • 30° 3-Flute V Bit - Ultra-Fine Detail


Be sure to also check out our 2" surfacing bit, one of Andy's other favorite bits!


All HCT bits are designed for cutting wood, non-ferrous metal (aluminum/brass/soft metals), and synthetic/plastic-based materials like epoxy and sheet plastics. Bit performance varies with machine type, feeds/speeds set, and the stock material. 


Our CNC bits are made from solid Japanese carbide.

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